Over 125 Years of Combined Experience

SCSA has vast knowledge of the surgery center business with over 125 years of combined experience in the surgery center business. Meet the team that will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your ASC needs with out turn-key approach.

ron blair

Ronald Blair

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Ron Blair is Chairman of Surgery Center Services of America. He provides consultative services in the areas of ambulatory surgery center planning and development, design and construction, project management, marketing, equipment planning and acquisition, and strategic planning. Mr. Blair has more than 48 years of experience in medical and non medical business operations and has been developing ASC’s since 1990.

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Prior to establishing Surgery Center Services of America, he served as a consultant with The BSM Consulting Group, as an administrator of ophthalmic practices, built ambulatory surgery and laser centers, and has been president and CEO of various entities, including a business consulting firm. He has a broad-based background in business, including general management, marketing, and project development. Mr. Blair is a member of the American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Medical Group Management Association, Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgeons Society and Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association. His writings have appeared in Administrative Eyecare, Outpatient Surgery, and other national publications. He is a graduate of the University of Washington, continued postgraduate studies at Pacific Lutheran University, and is a graduate of the Executive Programs of the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at The Wharton School.

Philip Blair photo

Philip Blair

Chief Executive Officer
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Philip is an accomplished healthcare consulting executive with over 10 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. Philip is currently CEO of Surgery Center Services of America and his responsibilities include managing SCSA’s overall corporate strategy and overseeing the divisions for surgery center development and consulting. His previous positions include Vice President of Project Management at SCSA for the past 5 years where he managed the surgery center development components- financing, architecture, equipment, construction, regulatory affairs for state licensure and CMS certification. Before joining, Philip spent 5 years at Prudential Financial/Brookfield Global Relocation, where he served as a finance manager that handled financial analysis, auditing, US tax, human resources, payroll, and relocation for fortune 500 clients in the global relocation industry. Philip earned his BA in finance and a minor in economics from Western Washington University.

Pat Blair

Patrick D. Blair

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Patrick has been with SCSA for 10+ years gaining experience in all departments of the company. As President he handles all the management needs for Surgery Center Services of America. He also assists in the equipment planning and installation in our surgery center projects. Patrick D. Blair has a BA in Financial Economics and Computer Science from Western Washington University.

marwan tamimi


Director of Design and Architecture Services
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Marwan Tamimi has been involved in healthcare facilities planning, design and construction for more than 25 years including work with major healthcare providers. He has worked on many healthcare projects abroad and in the U.S. Marwan is involved in the planning, design and construction of healthcare projects, with extensive expertise with codes, design guidelines requirement and rules and regulation each state applies to healthcare facilities design and construction, medical equipment planning is also one of his strength.

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He worked on several well know and large scale healthcare facilities in US mainly in the west coast, including Arizona, Nevada and California. Marwan keeps his knowledge and experience in healthcare facilities planning and design up-to-date by attending conference on healthcare facilities design held throughout the year. The main goal of his practice is to provide his clients with the latest trends in healthcare facilities design and planning.

Marwan’s experience ranges from large scale healthcare facilities master planning, strategic planning, hospitals expansion to small size projects that left a positive effect on healthcare facilities performance. One of the healthcare project Marwan is highly qualified in planning, design and construction are surgery centers, he worked on several surgery centers in several states.

Involving users in the planning and design process to create what is healing, safe, and friendly is his approach to healthcare facilities planning, which provides a competitive edge when sensitively designed, and results in architectural services with a “we care” message. Marwan’s major objectives and guiding principles of practice in the planning and design of healthcare facilities are: innovation, responsibility, professionalism, and teamwork.

Marwan has proven track of excellence in Surgery Centers design and construction, ranging from a one operating rooms ASC to 8 operating rooms ASCs, Cath labs, Ep labs and interventional cardiology facilities.

michelle carroll

Michelle Williamson, BSN, RN

Director of Licensure & Certification
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Michelle has been an operating room nurse and surgery center nurse for over 20 years. She obtained her BSN from Southeastern Louisiana University School of Nursing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1995. Her surgical nursing career began in 1995 at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary, Louisiana, where she trained and worked in Pre-op, as a circulating registered nurse, as a surgical scrub nurse, in the PACU, and gained extensive experience as an ophthalmic operating room nurse.

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Michelle joined the Outpatient Surgery & Cosmetic Center, a Joint Commission accredited ASC in Zachary, Louisiana, as Clinical Director in 2010 where she was responsible for operational oversight of the center and worked routinely in every capacity in the OR, and was responsible for The Joint Commission accreditation as well as all administrative and regulatory requirements of the organization. Throughout Michelle’s tenure with the Outpatient Surgery & Cosmetic Center she provided consulting support in operations, administration and accreditation to a host of surgery centers and ASC management companies in the US.

In 2017, Michelle joined the Aloha Eye Clinic Surgical Center in Wailuku, Maui, an AAAHC accredited ASC as clinical director, where she was responsible for accreditation, leadership, and daily operations of the surgery center.

In January 2019 Michelle joined Surgery Center Services of America, as Director of Licensure and Certification. Her responsibilities with SCSA include ASC compliance, operations, and management.



Alan DeCorte

Director of Consulting Services
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While it may be obvious to healthcare professionals that advanced technology, modern facilities and highly qualified, caring providers contribute to quality healthcare; it’s not always so obvious to their patients. Those who are ill or injured only want to get well. They also want what their doctor wants…a favorable outcome. Therefore, it is important that doctors continually reinforce to patients the correlation between technology, facilities and training with favorable outcomes, which in turn translates to quality care.

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In Alan DeCorte’s 25 plus years as an ophthalmic practice manager and consultant, he has helped many practices refine their quality images and their marketing communications programs. His strategy is simple—bring an outsiders perspective with an insider’s view to his clients, identify gaps or weaknesses in their quality branding and communications programs, and design effective, long-term solutions.

Formula for a Successful Ophthalmology Practice

Well designed and professionally managed ophthalmic clinics serving top-tier ophthalmologists can deliver cost effective, efficient quality care to the greatest number of patients with the best possible outcomes.

Clinics integrated with well-designed, professionally managed, dedicated outpatient surgery centers, which serve top tier ophthalmic surgeons, can yield the best surgical outcomes with a high level of patient satisfaction at the lowest possible cost per case and maximum ROI.

Ophthalmic / Optometric Clinics * Outpatient Surgery Centers

  • Market Analysis / Needs Assessment
  • Financing and Syndication (surgeons, investors, strategic partners)
  • Design / Construction / Licensing
  • Furnishings / Equipment / IT
  • Recruitment / Training / Management
  • Marketing and Referral Network Development
  • Accreditation (Joint Commission International)
  • Surgeon, Facility, Hospital Relations
  • Contracting and Direct Billing Arrangements

Alan John DeCorte has 25 years ophthalmic practice management experience in operations, administration, marketing and development. Extensive experience managing and marketing international standard healthcare services to foreign healthcare, including other Asian consumers in China.


nancy cook web

Nancy Cook

Accounting Manager
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Nancy is the accounting manager for SCSA, who brings a wealth of knowledge to SCSA which includes over 30+ years of Accounting experience, as well as 15+ years of construction background.

matthew krause

Matthew Krause

Director of Project Management
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Matt Krause joins SCSA as a Project Manager bringing 30+ years in Real Estate and Construction related fields, with a brief stint in Technology. As a Project Manager with SCSA he looks forward to drawing upon his past experiences with an eye for detail and process management as they apply to the many aspects of a project. Not only as they relate to construction, but the role the entire project plays in the day to day life of the Doctor and staff, their patients and the community, all leading to a world-class experience and facility to benefit all.

Matthew Garcia

Matthew Garcia

Project Manager

Matthew joins SCSA after 5 years in the project management/coordination field within the telecommunications and structural engineering industries. His higher level of experience in management and leadership comes from his 6 years as the operations sergeant for his unit within the Army Reserves. Prior to the Reserves, Matthew was in the regular Army for 9 years, and worked his way up to the position of a platoon sergeant. Matthew has earned his BA in Business from Arizona State University.

Untitled design

Bryn Ritchie

Project Coordinator

Bryn joins SCSA after 16 years of large non-profit operations and leadership. His many years of experience in project and program management will enable him to provide first-class service and expertise to our clients. Bryn earned his BA in Business from the University of Washington.