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The first step in considering the development of an ambulatory surgery center is understanding if it is economically feasible to develop one in the first place. After you fill out the ASC Feasibility Assessment contact form below, we will reach out to you to begin the process by collecting data. You will need to know the number and type of cases you expect to perform in your ASC. If you have a practice computer system you can request a report of all surgical procedures for the last twelve months by CPT Code and annual volume.

The next step is to identify which ASC facility payment group each of these procedures falls into. Once this is completed a simple calculation can be made to determine what the total value of the procedure to be performed in the proposed center will be. This will get you started.

Free Feasibility Assessment

Get a clear understanding of whether an ASC makes financial sense for you and your practice. The analysis provides a 5-year outlook for your consideration.

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