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ASC Experience that Counts

  • Over 30+ years of Experience in all aspects of Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Development and Operations.
  • Over 400+ ASCs built.
  • Simple, Single-Room Facilities to Multiple-Room, Multi-Specialty Suites.
  • Solo Practices to Multi-Specialty and Single Specialty Physician/ Hospital Joint Ventures.
ASC Development
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Development Process that Matters

  • Free ASC Feasibility Assessment
  • 6 ASC Development Phases
  • Turnkey Process
  • Guidance from Start to Finish

Unique ASC Development Partnership

  • No Equity Stake
  • Customized Level of Involvement
  • Optional ASC Management Services after Completion
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SCSA Does Not Take Equity In Your ASC

Unlike many ASC development companies, Surgery Center Services of America does not take an equity interest in your surgery center. We contract with doctors to provide guidance in the development of their surgery center.

We stay with the doctor through the entire process from start-to-finish. When the ASC is complete, we offer optional on going ASC management services including a la carte services, and Surgery Center Services of America does not own any of the new ASC.

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Turnkey Physician Owned

Surgery Center Services of America makes it possible for physicians to develop and own ambulatory surgery centers by offering as close to an ASC Development “turnkey” process as possible.

This approach makes it possible for physician owners to tailor the level of involvement they desire in their projects so we can minimize the demands on their busy clinical practices.

Free ASC Feasibility Assessment

Surgery Center Services of America does not charge for a feasibility assessment like other ASC development companies.

There is no cost to you to get started. So why wait? Take your first step into your future with your
FREE feasibility assessment!

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ASC Development: Six Phases

Surgery Center Services of Americas comprehensive ASC development program has proven itself over the past 30+ years and includes six phases. Click on any of the phases to learn more:

1. Strategic and Economic Feasibility Assessment

2. Facility Design and Management

3. Project Management

4. Equipment Selection

5. Licensing and Medicare Certification 

SCSA’s sister company Surgery Center Management Services provides the sixth phase of Billing and Payor Contracting in addition to ASC Management services.

6. Billing and Payor Contracting 



Does your state require a Certificate of Need (C.O.N)?

Some states require a Certificate of Need (commonly referred to as CON, Certificate of Public Need (COPN) or Determination of Need (DON) but certainly not all, or even a majority to establish a new ASC. It may be possible to obtain an exemption in some states for single specialty ASC’s or for just one operating room or for wholly physician owned ASC’s. The process of CON or an exemption varies per state. Learn more about Certificates of Need and how the the team of experts at SCSA can help.

Medicare Certification

After the center meets the state licensure requirements, it must meet the CMS Conditions for Coverage. The state Operations Manual published by CMS can be found on the Federal Register, 42 CFR 416, and contains the parameters that must be met in order to apply for Medicare Certification. Once the state licensure Law has been determined, the next condition that must be met is to assure that the ASC is a distinct entity that operates exclusively to furnish outpatient surgical services. It can be either an independent freestanding facility, or under the common ownership, licensure or control of a hospital.

Medicare Certification Dos and Donts

Surgery Center Services of America is a trusted partner with over 400 ASC’s across the United States.

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