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Some specialties have flourished while others have remained stagnant in the ASC market as there is a continued growth. In order for a specialty to not only survive but thrive in the ASC market there needs to be a seamless shift to outpatient procedures.

One of the keys to helping speciality ASC growth is giving patients the option to have their procedures performed at an ASC over a hospital. A great example of this is cardiology, which has been regarded in a Becker’s ASC article as the fastest-growing ASC speciality with research completed by Avanza in their “2022 KEY ASC Benchmarks and Industry Figures” report.

It is noted in the report that muscular and skeletal continue to thrive creating a boost for orthopedics ASC growth. Other specialties of note in large growth areas are plastic surgery and urology over the past two years. For specialties trying to decide if the jump to an ASC is right for them should examine their cases. Do you have procedures that don’t need to be performed in a hospital or operating room anymore can be moved to an outpatient setting?

While some specialties are growing in the wake of the shift to outpatient, others continue to struggle under the thumb of the pandemic, but not because of COVID-19 itself. Masking has protected the population from certain illnesses, which has aided people’s health and hindered the growth of the ear, nose and throat specialty.

As the demand for outpatient care increases, specialties that can make the shift from inpatient to outpatient will have greater opportunities for growth.