Simply provide the most available block time, superbly trained (in bedside manner and skill set) staff and a state-of-the-art facility. This scenario is conducive to attracting surgeons, as well as their patients, and of course the outcomes thereof.

We take a close look at the specialties that we consider our niche and find ways to be the best provider for that niche. Many centers want to “do it all,” and we have chosen to do a few specialties very well and let the other places try to capture everything. We do not subscribe to the old adage of being a “jack of all trades and a master of none.” We want to be masterful at the specialties that we choose to provide.

To remain competitive in today’s ASC market, the entire process must be better and do better than the rest. ASCs must continuously evaluate and improve patient wait times, incorporate current anesthesia practices that allow a quicker recovery from the anesthetic and, most importantly, every patient should be treated with care and respect so that they would choose the ASC in the future.

Trim the fat. Shutter non- or low-performing departments. Review the current status of expectations for future growth and renegotiate written terms, and, finally, examine plans for progressive programs and implement them!

ASCs in the South and Mountain regions have the highest total operating costs, according to VMG Health’s “Multi-Specialty ASC Benchmarking Study” for 2022 as referenced by Becker’s ASC Review’s 50 Stats on ASC Operating Costs.


  • Here are the median total operating costs for ASCs by region:
    • All facilities: $6,984,000
    • Atlantic: $6,655,000
    • Midwest: $6,820,000
    • Mountain: $7,038,000
    • Northeast: $5,556,000
    • Pacific: $6,291,000
    • South: $8,166,000